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Okay, all you eBay folks out there. My husband is selling a bunch of random stuff. And the starting price is ONE DOLLAR on everything. LOL We're talking geek stuff, comic stuff, hearse stuff, etc. If you're interested in checking any of it out, go here:
See the wide variety of his weird addcitions over the years! *snort* (Gee, I feel like a sideshow carnival barker... LOL)

If you're not interested, then sorry to bother you! :)
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PCS 2005 in Denver

Hi everyone! Here are our pictures from the car show on 8/6/05. I was pleased with the turn out and happy that we got to see some old friends and some even older cars. They were all beautiful! Since I took over 130 pictures, I tried to pick the best, and will just leave you the link to my photobucket album. My hand is still sore from all the resizing, cropping and uploading, (I also worked on all my pix from a scooter rally last weekend- from, as my husband calls it "The David and Goliath Syndrome") so I hope you don't mind scrolling yourselves. :-)

This is our car, Demona, behaving herself nicely on the other side of the lot from the PCS cars.

And the rest are here...
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All of a Sudden Spur of the Moment Meet

Info at the LINK. Mid-sunmmer's Nightmare at Bloodview Haunted House...for Charity.

STILL being worked out...which day would folks prefer, Friday or Saturday (8p-12 mid)? This is in OHIO (Northern Ohio). I'm crazy busy trying to pack for moving at the end of this month, but I could spend a few hours out to keep my sanity!

I think they will provide free admission for us.

It is this weekend!!!! Please respond in a comment with interest so I can figure out if it will just be me there or not.