Hearse for sale.

I happened to meet the funeral director from our neighboring town of Gunnison today. He saw my car and mentioned that he has a '67 Caddy hearse for sale.
I have seen this car. It is one of the few that has actually made me jump out of my seat when it drove by. It is a black superior 3 way in PERFECT condition, always garaged, still used in the profession.
He's asking $9500.00 but it's negotiable, and this car is probably worth it. If anyone's interested I can get you contact info.


Can anyone recommend a good body shop in the Portland,Oregon metro area?

I've taken my caddy to a few places but the most common reaction I get is the car is too big to fit into the average paint booth.

She got pretty banged up a few weeks ago and I'd like to get her repaired as soon as possible.

Since she's my only running car, this is the damage I have to drive around with.

Not pretty, indeed.

Any info would be vastly appreciated.

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Hearse needing a good home.....

My friend Batty is buying my old 1972 Cadillac Superior Coach from a friend of ours....let's just say the Hearse is traveling our group of friends. She thought she could afford it but cannot. So I thought I'd tell you guys about it. I would buy it back but I can't afford it now with a new house and a car note. I just really want to see it go to a new home,not to just some stranger who won't take car of her. If you need any info on her,email me and I'll tell you what I know. Thanks!
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The parts store gave me the wrong starter. It was technically correct for a 1974 Cadillac hearse, but for a later model. My 1974 Cadillac hearse has points, they converted to HEI half way through 1974.
What that means is the starter for a points ignition car needs 2 small terminals, one marked "S" for the ignition, and one marked "R" for the points distributor.

My previous adventures in starter wiring did not involve the "R" terminal, because I was converting to HEI.

There are 3 options:
1 Remove the starter & exchange it.
2 Convert to HEI.
3 Purchase a remote starter selonoid that has the "R" terminal.

Option 1 is the most logical, but would be a pain, since I spent most of this mornig struggling with the heavy unit over my head, dropping bolts on my forehead, and getting rust, dirt, and grime in my eyes.

Option 2 would offer a little better performance, and make future tune-ups easier.

Option 3 would be the easiest, and it only costs about 30 bucks. It was made to re-route the wires away from the hot exhaust, and keep the selonoid away from heat to prolong battery life. Hot starts are very hard on the system.

Whatever I do, it won't be done today.
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Goth Workout

Workout Exercise:

Set aside a whole afternoon to wash and wax your hearse. Feel the burn as you spend 3+ hours scrubbing with soap then waxing and buffing. Add extra calorie burn by cleaning your vinyl, chrome trim, windows and wheels. Don't even THINK about taking a break because you have miles and miles of metal to wax. Wax On, Wax Off...til your arm falls off. This workout will kick your ass and leave you an exhausted, but fit individual.

Damn, I'm tired.
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Field of Corpses Hearse

Some of you might already know this Hearse. I don't know if it makes it to any of the shows, but it is parked in front of the Field of Corpses in Arvada, CO. Tonight is the last night the Field is open, but it's worth going if you are looking for something to do.

Field of Corpses Hearse...Collapse )

The Field of Corpses was pretty good! They had different themed rooms built. And there were freaky actors constantly jumping out, getting in your face, etc. Some of them were really good at acting crazy and following you! Kind of like that "I'll never tell" girl! It scared a few people. I was more interested in looking around at the loads of detail that they put into each room. You have to walk through these hanging bodies, and it's completely dark. You have to push them out of your way. That was creepy! The playground was interesting. The dead kids were singing a haunting version of the ABCs. One of the creatures was crawling along the ground with a weird head in her hand. I kept staring at her because I really wanted to take her home. She started scurrying along behind me. I told her I wanted to take her home, but the people at the gate said I couldn't touch her. She screamed and scurried off. Hehe! Finally I get to the Sweet Shop, and the Clown isn't there! I stood there saying I wanted to see the Clown! He comes out of the door that we had just walked through with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He told me to move along! He didn't even offer me any sweets! Rude;) LOL There were great parts where you get to walk across what feels like soft graves. My party walked around them, but I walked over them. I felt like I was sinking! Very appropriate!

Happy Halloween! Enjoy the ride! XOXO!
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L.A. hearse event

Hey everyone, I don't post here too often, however, there is an event happening saturday of this weekend here in los angeles. i dont have a pro-car, but i did! but this is sure something to check out, i work at a vintage cadillac parts store here in LA and a member of the Phantom Coaches came in and dropped off a flyer, i went to scan it, but the scanners busted,anyhow

"Worlds Longest Hearse/funeral car precession"
saturday october 29 at the peterson auto collection

for directions:

he said there would be music, food, beer and a shit load of pro-cars

anyhow, i might try to float my 58 caddy down there, but if not, then ill just be walkin around