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'47 Pontiac Hearse Update

Now that most of the paint work is done, things are flying along pretty fast. Still haven't solved my back bumper problem. But as you can see, the end is in sight! This last weekend we put on the rear fenders. Now I don't have to worry about knocking the filler neck out of the fuel tank.
My daughter (12) (erm, excuse me, ALMOST 13), helped with waxing the back door, and was crucial to installing one of the rear fenders when a nut needed to be put in a very tight place that only her arm could fit into.
Best of all, we got exact fit, period landau bars. Which is so improbable it kinda boggles the mind.
Also a good picture of our fresh rechrome grille.
Lastly my all-purpose security system "Boudicca"

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