Coffin It Up (coffinitup) wrote in bleakpersuasion,
Coffin It Up

Hearsing Around AND “Cadillac Through the Years”

I don’t know if any of you have had the opportunity to meet Craig and Leah (the founders of the “Hearsing Around” Hearse Club in Oregon) or not. I met them on Saturday and I must say they are very nice people and I am really glad they found us while they were on vacation here in the desert. If you ever do meet them, be sure to ask them about their “KILLER Yard Sale” (I promise it’s a story you will really enjoy!)

We were invited to a Cadillac Show in Vegas on Sunday. It wasn’t a hearse show, although a few hearses and combos and a limo were invited. We were asked to bring Mr. Frost (our 1972 Superior 3-Way) and REAPER (our 1976 S&S Centennial).
There were 49 Cadillac’s in total at this show, and the cars ranged in age from the 1920’s all the way to the brand new 2007 models.
It was a beautiful representation of “Cadillac Through the Years”. All of the cars were breathtaking. They were top of the line and most were in mint condition.
The public reaction to our two hearses and the two combos was very favorable, and I thought it was really nice that they wanted to include some professional cars in their show.
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