tommyhawk13 (tommyhawk13) wrote in bleakpersuasion,

The parts store gave me the wrong starter. It was technically correct for a 1974 Cadillac hearse, but for a later model. My 1974 Cadillac hearse has points, they converted to HEI half way through 1974.
What that means is the starter for a points ignition car needs 2 small terminals, one marked "S" for the ignition, and one marked "R" for the points distributor.

My previous adventures in starter wiring did not involve the "R" terminal, because I was converting to HEI.

There are 3 options:
1 Remove the starter & exchange it.
2 Convert to HEI.
3 Purchase a remote starter selonoid that has the "R" terminal.

Option 1 is the most logical, but would be a pain, since I spent most of this mornig struggling with the heavy unit over my head, dropping bolts on my forehead, and getting rust, dirt, and grime in my eyes.

Option 2 would offer a little better performance, and make future tune-ups easier.

Option 3 would be the easiest, and it only costs about 30 bucks. It was made to re-route the wires away from the hot exhaust, and keep the selonoid away from heat to prolong battery life. Hot starts are very hard on the system.

Whatever I do, it won't be done today.
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