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Field of Corpses Hearse

Some of you might already know this Hearse. I don't know if it makes it to any of the shows, but it is parked in front of the Field of Corpses in Arvada, CO. Tonight is the last night the Field is open, but it's worth going if you are looking for something to do.

The Field of Corpses Hearse! Sorry I didn't get better pictures, but it was dark, raining, and there was a fence around it!

Love the ornament! Skeleton Love!

The Field of Corpses was pretty good! They had different themed rooms built. And there were freaky actors constantly jumping out, getting in your face, etc. Some of them were really good at acting crazy and following you! Kind of like that "I'll never tell" girl! It scared a few people. I was more interested in looking around at the loads of detail that they put into each room. You have to walk through these hanging bodies, and it's completely dark. You have to push them out of your way. That was creepy! The playground was interesting. The dead kids were singing a haunting version of the ABCs. One of the creatures was crawling along the ground with a weird head in her hand. I kept staring at her because I really wanted to take her home. She started scurrying along behind me. I told her I wanted to take her home, but the people at the gate said I couldn't touch her. She screamed and scurried off. Hehe! Finally I get to the Sweet Shop, and the Clown isn't there! I stood there saying I wanted to see the Clown! He comes out of the door that we had just walked through with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He told me to move along! He didn't even offer me any sweets! Rude;) LOL There were great parts where you get to walk across what feels like soft graves. My party walked around them, but I walked over them. I felt like I was sinking! Very appropriate!

Happy Halloween! Enjoy the ride! XOXO!
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