tall drink of poison (sarahyzenbaard) wrote in bleakpersuasion,
tall drink of poison

Has anyone else ever almost been in an accident because of someone else's fear of your hearse?

I was driving to do an errand today after work and decided to take a side road. This road unfortunatly was under construction and was closed down to only two lanes (normally 4). Cars could actually go in the turn lane to turn into the subdivisions on either side..but, mostly were blocked off. Well, this woman driving in back of me was trying to get around me away from me. It was like I struck fear into her heart or something. She kept looking at me all panicked. Not like, "please I am in a hurry" look but, kind of hearsaphobic or scared. Well, midst freak out she went into the turn lane. Thinking she was going to turn left I didn't have to slow down...she then proceeded to peel out in front of my car. Cut to me in my car slamming on my breaks so hard all of my things toppled to the floor (laptop, bag, bottles, cds). When we came to the light which was convieniently red she kept looking in her rearview mirror at me...when I would catch her eye she would turn away. Once I turned my turning signal on she then put on hers to turn the other way.


bizarre really...
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