The Road Rat (roadratx) wrote in bleakpersuasion,
The Road Rat

Good morning all..

Just found this community here on LJ and after reading back a bit decided that I had to join.

A little about me...I'm 25 and living in Jersey. Currently I own a 1968 S&S Victoria and am working on restoring a 1960 Miller Meteor Electric 3-way. I'm hoping to have the '60 on the road by summer. (I can dream can't I?) My wife and I are into old pro-cars, urban exploration, roller coasters, drive-in movies, pirate events and our annual pilgrimage to Pennsic War...(think ren fair on acid). I maintain a couple of websites and have my own online comic that just started. Yes...there will be hearses involved in some way, shape, or form. The other website is for my passion of getting into trouble. Mainly just photographing abandoned hospitals, hotels, ect...

As a long time enthusiast of hearses, flower cars, ect...I'm going to be lauching what will hopefully be a pretty good central hub for all us pro-car fans out there. If anyone wants to help with the project feel free to let me know. Wouldn't it be nice to not have to hunt for hours, days, weeks for a part we need or an event to take our beloved coach to? Or even sell your coach without paying insane fees to list it on some other sites. I think it would be. Opinions, ect welcome on that.

Anyway, looking foreward to being part of this one and when's the next drive-in meet out in OH? Definitely want to try and make that one!

Here's the current project ;)

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That is, potentially, one of the most beautiful cars in the world (along with all the other 1960 Miller Meteors out there)!
Do you have any pics of your '68?
Glad you're here!
Thanks for the welcome. I agree with ya on the 60 M-M...great lookin cars. The '68? Sure do!

It's not the greatest set of pics, but here it is:

Currently have to bolt on the new front fenders, fender skirts and put the original S&S hubcaps back on.
You, sir, are a god among car owning insects!
Do I get to squish them?
PRETTY cars!!! Welcome!
Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the compliment on the coaches. I'll be sure to let them know. They love attention ;)
Welcome to the group! It's great to see that someone is restoring that car. I remember it on ebay a couple of times and I was hoping that it would find a good home.

The next procar night at the drive in will be June 17th outside of Kent, Ohio. I'm still working out a tour for the next day, so I haven't officially posted it, but that's when it will be happening. Hope to see you there!
Thanks...yea I saw it and just had to rescue it. It's still up in New York, but hope to be bringing it down to Jersey in a couple weeks. Can't wait to get started on it.

June 17th huh? *marks calendar* I hope to be there bearing two instead of one! ;)
Awesome! I hope to see you there!
I just posted info about the procar drive-in weekend in my journal and in this community. I hope that you can make it.
That thing is sweeet! Good luck to you!
Thankfully fate has smiles upon it's floorboards and I'm hoping luck isn't a factor. hehe.
Wow! That car is awesome! I hope you have good luck fixing it up. Where can I find the online comic ...and photography? Sounds interesting. can find the other stuff here:

The comic:
Life got crazy and I haven't had the chance to keep up with things there, but now that things are back on track updates should be every Mon-Weds-Fri if not more frequent.

The pictures:
Tons of pictures from such places as Byberry State Hospital, Dixmont State Hospital, Splendid China, The Manentico Colony, The Pines Resort, Xanadu: Home of the Future and many more. Yes they're all abandoned and just sitting around. Should have some new stuff there by the weekend as well.

Thanks! I'm checking out the photographs now. I love checking out places like that.
No problem...hope ya enjoy it. I'll be updating the next couple days with new pictures from Byberry and a new hospital as well.
Awesome cars - and cool sites. Btw, there's one guy listed (inactive) that's in Sunrise, Fl - that's near me. If you hear from him and he's into pro cars, tell him to give me a hollar.
Thanks and thanks. Ah yes, that would be Clay. He loves pro-cars, but he doesn't own one. I'll pass the info along though!
Sure you can dream. Keep in mind that your current reality is a dream for others, however. I would love to say that I'm working on a 1960. Nice cars, man, nice.
Thanks. The dream may have gotten a bit juicier too. Details on that later though ;)